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Bunk Housing

Mohaven has 10 cabin duplexes, each housing 2 bunk cabins. Interiors are insulated and lined with wood paneling and lowered drywall ceilings, and are heated for year-round usability. In each cabin are 4 bunk beds and 1 double bed, easily accommodating 10 guests.


A guest bath house is situated near each cluster of cabins, as there is no plumbing to the cabins.

Oak Lodge

Oak Lodge features six rooms with two beds each, Jack and Jill bath and full kitchen and meeting room.

Hickory Guest House

The Hickory Guest House is a popular choice for church or family groups who come to Mohaven for a weekend retreat.


  • Fully furnished family room featuring a huge picture window and fireplace

  • TV and video equipment 

  • A family-sized full bathroom

  • Kitchenette

  • Three bedrooms featuring bunk, twin, and full sized beds than can sleep up to 8 people.

  • Completely heated and air conditioned

Sycamore Guest House

Sycamore Guest House, formerly known as the 'Staff House,' is a favorite for multi-family retreats.


  • 4 bedrooms comfortably sleep 8 people 

  • Two full-sized bathrooms with a tub and shower

  • A large living room with a studio kitchenette and dining area

  • Fireplace

  • TV and video equipment 


Cedar Dining Hall

Cedar is known for the most popular gathering place to meet and eat. This dining facility is spacious, allowing for 400 guests to be seated in chairs, or 200 to be seated at tables. Audio and visual equipment is installed, and a piano remains on site. The huge floor-to-ceiling fireplaces at each end of the main room combined with the wood paneled walls and ceilings frame the atmosphere with a classic woodlands theme. Picture windows line the walls along a long covered porch with rocking chairs. 


Cedar also houses a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, dish room, and laundry room. The newly constructed Welcome Center adjoins the building as a formal entryway into Cedar's dining room.

Meeting Facilities

The Nature and Conference Center

This modern building features a nature theme and houses a prized nature collection, featuring inspiring scenery from well-placed picture windows. Convenient restrooms indoors and cushioned seating for up to 300 people with current audio and visual equipment makes this a great choice for all-day meetings or events like wedding receptions, celebrations, inspirational meetings, training sessions, and other gatherings.

Grounds & Map

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